Brussels – The Destination of a Lifetime

The beauty of Brussels

Brussels is made up of various architecturally fine buildings, which are a treat to the eye. These include the grand place, the royal palace, the town hall, the European parliament and the Brussels Park. If you have special interest in music, a visit to the musical instrument museum will be perfect. Those who have special interest in art can also visit the royal museum of fine arts.

Brussels, which is the capital city of Belgium, is a great travel destination in Europe. However, many people tend to ignore it due to various issues. First, the city is made up mostly of dreary collection of administrative offices, especially those tied to the European Union. Another reason is that Belgium as a country has some sort of identity crisis. The northern part is Flemish speaking while the southern part is French speaking. This means that there are two competing cultures in the country each competing to be recognized as the real influence in the country.

The other cities in Belgium also offer various attractions if you plan to vacation in Belgium. For instance, if you have plenty to do you can visit the lively city of Antwerp. This city is a European diamond capital and fashion hub. The city also has some aspects of its past giving it a perfect mix for vacationing. Ghent is another popular location in Belgium that offers an example of a medieval port. A visit here will reveal a rather high number of historic buildings. You can also visit Bruges, which has the best scenic views. It still retains the narrow cobbled streets, gabled houses, and canals.

Apart from the cities, the open country can also be included in your visit to Belgium. This is especially so in the Ardennes region, which is mountainous and also offers beautiful wooded landscapes with ravines and wild crags. If you have an interest in history, you will note that some of the most famous battles in the World War II were fought in this area.

When to visit the popular travel destination in Belgium

Normally, Belgium experiences the warmest days from April through to September. This is the best time to visit the country. However, the country usually experiences rainy days at any time. Apart from checking the weather there are certain annual events that will make your visit a perfect one. For instance, in the beginning of July, there is an amazing pageant, which is a spectacular medieval festival, passed on from as early as 1359. This usually involves colorful processions through the city of Brussels followed by flag and horse parades. Crossbow men surround a statue of the virgin escorted by the processions from the church before everyone settles down for an incredible fiesta of games.

The Attraction and Enigma of Cross Cultural Relationships

In ordinary marriages today it is obvious that the woman is the centre of everything. It still is a matriarchal society although it is male dominated.

Namely, men have for centuries tried to keep women down out of fear but it has been at a great cost to them and a suppression for women; just look at the countries where the customs are so alien to westerners that it is beyond comprehension.

This does not mean westerners are any better, it just means their methods of keeping women down have been more subtle.

The point is that there is often a natural attraction to women from other cultures and vice versa and the way is being made more popular and accepted by the social median networks that abound these days. Many are hoping for relationships and it is likely they will come from online connections.

For me personally this is far too slow a method as I prefer things to move faster than the often long winded online discussions and chat that sometimes lead many down the road of false hope and bitter disappointment and emotional devastation.

If I were looking for a relationship and one did develop online I would get on a plane quickly to meet her to see if it was just online banter. In fact I would never look for a relationship online; it is just not my way.

What is helpful for anyone going down this road of cross cultural relationships, whether they meet online or otherwise, is to remember that it is almost a rule with few exceptions that the relationship will be successful if the woman follows the man into his country, culture and family.

After all the man in traditional relationships is there to serve with love and the woman is there to take it with love. If the woman follows the man with love to his country then the relationship or marriage has a chance of being successful; if it is the other way around the situation will be difficult indeed for many reasons. Marriage or relationships are difficult enough and without love or meditation worthless.

For example if a man follows the woman to her country and a decision is made to reside there permanently the tendency will either be for the woman to encourage the man to follow her into her business if she has one or support the man at least until he has a job or other opportunity.

If the man follows the woman to her country and also into her business it is more than likely he will destroy the business and particularly if he takes up a responsible position in her business.

This may seem strange but there are certain invisible laws that operate beneath the surface and which time and again have proven to be true without fail.

On the contrary if a woman joins a man in his business the business has a very good chance of success with the caution of mixing business and love especially where there is pressure around survival.

In life if people were more aware of the subtle laws that operate beneath the surface much pain, heartache, loss and misunderstanding could be avoided.


Motorcycle Camping Trailer

People who travel by riding motorcycles are of special kind. Using motorcycles for travelling is one of the light ways for travelling. In fact, motorcycle camping is one of the best ways in which anyone can have a good camping experience. However this exciting camping trip could turn into your worst nightmare, if you don’t have a proper motorcycle camping trailer. The motorcycle camping trailers are very easy and convenient to use, and the motor cyclist doesn’t have to loose his freedom as well.

Camping trailer for motorcyclists is like a tent which is in a box. When the box is open, the tent pops up from the box. The box unfolds into a room, which provides enough space for two people to sleep comfortably. There are different kinds of motorcycle trailers and some of them have inflatable mattress as well. Some of them even have additional pieces attaches that provide more space and comfort. The best part of motorcycle trailer is that the sleeping space as well as the living space can be kept quite clean and dry by keeping above the ground.

Here are some tips for buying the perfect camping trailer for your trip.

1.Chose a camping trailer that suites your personality, preference and style, so that you don’t end up grudging and regretting later. Obviously, you would want to get along with your trailer, so its’ best to choose something that you like and desire.

2.Choose a trailer that suites every terrain or grounds, so that it can be brought along every time you choose to go out camping. Opt for a camping trailer that is light weight and of exceptionally good quality. Your trailer must weigh just about enough, because the lesser it weighs, the less luggage it can pull. Don’t opt for something that weighs over 300 pounds, because this will give you a heavy feel.

3.Choose something that is wider than the touring bike and has saddlebags. This kind of trailer will provide you with a better maneuvering ability and good riding conditions. Choose a motorcycle trailer with proper front specifications and height to avoid an “all enveloping exhaust gas-bubble”, as it causes headaches.

4.The camping trailer must have all the bearings and tires that should be kept readily available in case of emergencies or whenever you have to replace it. Opt for a trailer that has adequate amount of space and can be used for all kinds of camping expeditions.
So, use the above ideas and choose the best camping trailer so that you can have a good and enjoyable camping trip.