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Quick Moving Tips for Those Relocating

Moving is a hassle. Whether you’re moving across the hall, across the street, across from town, across the province, across the country, or (God forbid) across the ocean… moving is a pain in the butt. Luckily, the ordeal of residential moving (or office moving) can be reduced to a mild inconvenience with knowledge and preparation. Read on to find tips on how to make any move, local or long distance, easier.

Tip 1: Scavenge for Packing Materials

This may seem a bit crass but instead of paying ridiculous prices for box, why not salvage the boxes found at your local businesses or grocery dumpsters? You’ll be able to find any size box you need, and the packing materials you’ll find can be described by everyone’s favorite four letter word…free! Pay dozens (if not hundreds) of dollars for boxes if you like, but I prefer getting the same exact boxes for free.

Tip 2: Use what you have.

Instead of wasting a box or two on packing old blankets, towels, and pillows, why not use those to wrap and protect your fragile items. You can also rent padded blankets from a rental company at a nominal fee, if you run out of your own blankets to use. Here’s another tip about packing breakables: stacking boxes of fragile materials upon each other is a potential domino effect best avoided.

Tip 3: Mark all boxes properly.

Whether you’re a true do-it-yourselfer or hiring a moving company, failing to mark a box of breakables as “Fragile” is not a mistake you can afford to make. Also, marking boxes by which room the contents are designated for is a simple way to avoid unnecessary work and strain. Planning and organization is the key.

Tip 4: Keep boxes light.

Keeping boxes light is important, especially when taking the DIY approach. If you need a crane to lift a certain box, then chances are that box is too heavy. Keep the weight of each box reasonable, and protect your belongings (as well as your back).

Tip 5: Have some “Open me first” boxes.

Separately pack things like bedsheets, toiletries, eating utensils, and other things you’d want to have right away. Going through two or three boxes for everything you need for the first few days is much better than going through ten or twenty. And of course, be sure to mark these boxes with “Open me first.” Furthermore, you should consider carrying these boxes with you in your car, instead of the moving truck.

How To Save Money? Heres’ 25 Money Saving Tips To Work On

How to save money? Probably searched by lots of people on Google, no matter what’s his/her financial stature is. Earnings and utility differ from man to man, but there is hardly any person, who’s not interested in knowing the ways to save money. Interestingly, it’s the human ingenuity that lets him find out the best way to save money out of his own financial position.

How to Save Money?

If I ask you how to save money? Either you would be confused or overflowed with hundreds of money saving ideas. There are some common ways to save money applicable to the masses and there are some exclusive money-saving ideas researched and applied to you only. Things are good and effective so far as you apply your tips and tricks properly. Here I am enlisting 25 realistic and simple money saving tips for the readers. Please note that all these money saving tips may not have the fullest implications in one’s life, but a few out the of money saving ideas listed below have a qualitative impact on your pocket.

25 Realistic Money Saving Tips

1. Accept payments by cheque or online:

This is one of the best ways to save money. It’s a human tendency to spend more with cash rather than from bank account. Research shows that a person finds it more inconvenient to withdraw money from the bank or buying goods with cards than by using hard cash. So, this is the best way to save money for them who have an irresistible tendency of spending cash money.

2. Go for exchange programmes:

Before buying a new durable or capital goods like electronic gadgets, appliances, go for selling the used one. There are many sites that assist you in selling your old products through advertisements like OLX, Quikr etc. Now the product sellers are too offering exchange programs. Online shopping sites like Amazon, Flipkart etc. are giving opportunities to their buyers to exchange their old ones with the new product. Selling or exchanging the old products definitely reduces the cost price of the new one.

3. Consider buying cars at the end of the month:

If you are planning to buy a car, this is the best way to save money. How? See, in most of the cases in the last week of the months, the sales representatives and car dealers are under pressure to achieve their targets. They go desperate in selling cars to customers offering good discounts or selling car accessories free of cost or at a much-discounted price. This way you get your car at the most advantageous costs.

4. Do not jump the gun:

If you see a product billboard or lucrative offers, don’t go for the buy immediately. Hold your mind and think whether you need it? If it’s your requirement, what’s your budget? By holding your buy for a day or more you may be able to do the product’s cost-benefit analysis. This way you can save your money on unneeded purchases.

5. Go by the list while shopping:

Whenever you go shopping, prepare a list beforehand about your requirements. You may wonder how to save money by going with a list? If you do shopping by list, it is possible to stick to the budget. Moreover, the list helps you to do the shopping more quickly than without a list. A study shows, if you shop quickly, the chances are high that you will not go for unnecessary buying.

6. Avoid outing with friends, invite them:

Many of us face this problem. When you go for an outing with friends, it’s unsocial for you to abstain yourself from contributing. Moreover, taking foods and drinks at restaurants and bars are no way cheaper than you have it at home. So, instead of going to the restaurants and pubs, invite your friends to your home. This is the best way to save money who are interested in maintaining social networks as well as concerned about how to save money.

7. Use LEDs:

I’ll keep this within top money-saving tips. Rather than using incandescent lights, you should go for CFLs, LEDs. They are high power efficient and reduce power bills considerably. These new technology lights even have a longer life than the traditional ones. By using LEDs and CFLs, you can save both from maintenance and durability.

8. Do periodical maintenance:

If you are using multiple electronic appliances like ACs, Washing Machines, Water Purifiers etc. it’s better to render periodical maintenance. The same should be with your car too. By conducting regular maintenance, you have to incur maintenance charges which are much smaller than any major repairing or overhauling charges. At the same time, if your appliances or cars are under periodical supervision, their longevity and efficiency level also improves.

9. Sell your old books:

This money saving tips is especially for the students and the parents whose children have passed out and have a pile of books covering a considerable space in their room and want to evacuate them. There are a number of sites that buy used or old books from us and pay accordingly. One of such sites is BookScouter. This searches the best match buyer for our old books.

10. Rent out your extra space:

If you have a big house and leaving a part unutilised, it’s advisable to rent the same out and earn some extra money to meet household expenses. There are some companies that take your property on agreed terms for a specific period and convert into a homestay. Some of these companies are Airbnb, Oyo Rooms etc.

11. Take tiffin from home:

If you want to learn the ways to save money, this is one of the effective ways to save money. First of all, your saving starts when you take tiffin to your place of work or education and avoiding canteen or outside foods which are certainly costlier than your homemade foods. Next, savings is in terms of your health. By abstaining from outside foods, you are indirectly reducing your medical bills.

12. Use public transportation or carpool:

If your circumstances permit, it’s a good move to go through public transport. Using a public transport is way cheaper than using private cars. Moreover, if you and your neighbour or your colleague have a common route to the place of work, carpool is a good option. Things can be done on a rotational basis. This saves money as well as the climate.

13. Pay your debts on time:

Try to pay your debts on or before time. Be it credit card bill or loan interest, paying on time not only saves you from additional interests and penalty but gives you a high creditworthiness. You can also make arrangements with the bank for automatic debt payments. This is also a great way to save yourself from a debt-trap.

14. Consume less meat:

What? Yes, you read it right. But, how to save money by consuming less meat? Well, this is simple. If you take less meat in your food or goes vegan, the direct impact is in your pocket. Animal proteins are costlier than vegetables. But a much bigger impact shows on your health. Researchers found that large animal protein intake in our foods have an adverse effect on our health. A non-vegetarian is prone to more decrease in comparison to a vegetarian. And nowadays health issues cost us much.

15. Withdraw from same bank’s ATM:

This is a simple but effective money saving tips to follow. As you know, if you withdraw from other banks ATM (where you don’t have an account), after a certain number of transactions the ATM bank charges extra fees per transaction. So, whenever possible, do ATM transactions with your home bank only.

16.Try to buy air tickets from the company’s site:

Whenever we travel by flights we do a comparison over the internet reading freights and services. There are many online travelling sites that give you the freedom to compare flights of different companies on the same platform. But I would suggest that rather than buying the tickets on their sites it is advisable to go the native company’s sites. The charges would be certainly lower than the previous one.

17. Save at home:

Make a piggy bank at your home and save whatever possible on a daily basis. Even ask your children to do the same out of their pocket money earnings. It inculcates the saving habit in you and your children and creates a fund with the passage of time, helpful at the time of your emergency.

18. Find a roommate:

If you are living in a rented house and single, then this would be the best way to save money. If you have a roommate you can not only save your portion of room rents but other household expenses too. Moreover, you and your partner can share daily household works, so that the life becomes less stressed.

19. Keep your house clean:

This is one of the good money saving ideas, I think works great. When we keep our house clean, it directly impacts our health. In addition to that, when the house is clean, it indicates that our staffs within the house are arranged too. This will help us in finding our requisite items at arm’s length. Misplacement and unattended staffs left us with no option but to go for a new one, which can be avoided at large.

20. Shop higher or lower than eye-level:

Marketers are intelligent. They place high valued items at our eye level. So try to buy products below or above the eye level. This way you can save a lot of bucks while shopping.

21. Take a health insurance or mediclaim:

Whenever you sit with your financial budgets, you must include health insurance in it. Medical bills are capable enough to tremble your financial stature. It would be really foolish to take chance by not taking health insurance or mediclaim. By paying a small amount of premium, you save yourself and your family from financial jeopardy.

22. Do your own beauty treatment:

Beauty Parlours and Salons are becoming costlier day by day. For women, doing basic beauty treatment like manicure, pedicure, facial at parlours are very expensive. Rather they can try things at home. There are many good video instructions are available on the internet to assist a person to do her personal care. For men, it is advisable to do saving at home with his own saving kit.

23. Use phone guards:

This is a small but effective money saving tips. As we all use mobile phones, we know how frequently it drops from our hand. By incurring a small expenditure on phone bodyguard and tempered glass, we can save hundreds of bucks.

24. Use low steam to cook:

This is one of the household ways to save money. Rather than using large flame burners, it will be prudent to use small burners. Moreover cooking at low flame and cooking in covered utensil saves a considerable amount of fuel in the long run and so as your money.

25. Do not hunt for brands:

If you have an obsession with brand names, this money saving tips certainly not for you. Believe it or not, if you go for value for money, there are multiple non-branded products that offer the same quality of service minus cost for brand value. This is quite visible, when a reputed company pays a big amount on TV commercials, Billboards etc., hasn’t it to recover the cost from somewhere?


When you are searching for the ways to save money, you may come up with lots of money-saving tips. But things will be effective when you apply them appropriately in your daily life. Remember, the tip works for others may or may not work for you. You have to choose your the best way to save money from the plethora of money-saving tips.