Adventure Travel in Cairns Queensland – 7 Ultimate Adventures to Choose

If it is adventure that you are seeking, Cairns is one of Australia’s best representatives. Spending is inevitably a factor that you cannot avoid to plunge into a couple or several adventures. What a better way to make the most of what you pay is to engage in worthwhile adventures. Cairns is a lovely city and does possess awesome surrounding destinations or adventures. Consider the lucky 7 options below:

Snorkel or Dive in Great Barrier Reef

You don’t really want to leave Cairns if you do not come in Great Barrier Reef, the name itself implies what there is to expect. The Great Barrier Reef is a world-class destination that attracts visitors of all kinds; the snorkeling and diving opportunities are at their best. Choose to do one, or choose both. If you are new to this activity the Reef still has a place for beginners, thus the Reef is for all visitors. Get yourself with one of the Diving Day Tours If you don’t have much time but do not want to miss the Great Barrier Reef.

Cairns Bungee Jumping

Become one of the five million visitors to be serviced by AJ Hackett that started since 1990. Give your heart a pumping challenge, but prior to jumping off, amaze your sight with the Bungy site’s set in seven acres of unique land surrounded by pristine world heritage listed rainforest. If you are sure to venture in this adventure then book your most comfortable day, contact AJ Hackett +61 (0)7 4057 7188.

Sky Diving

Choose a tandem skydiving or a solo skydiving and jump out of your plane at 14,000ft. This gives you an amazing opportunity to glance the Great Barrier Reef’s impressive view along with the clouds.

White Water Rafting

White Water Rafting is one of the most excitingadventure, seems tough but it is a lifetime activity you can always remember. White water rafting tours in Cairns are handled by professional and world class specialists. Rafting is not something that you can do everyday, so be sure to hit on it when you get in Cairns. There are grades that measure the level or the rapid of white water rafting – Grade 3, Grade 4 and Grade 5. The Grade 3 Barron River Half Day Tour is ideal for people aging 13 years old and onwards, all fitness levels, and at only 20 minutes from the district of Cairns. The Grade 4 Tully River is an extreme whole day of rafting experience that extends up to 45 rapids. The Grade 5 is the North Johnstone Camping Trip that is an incredible lifetime experience. Helicopter in, and raft out over 4 fun filled awesome days.

Ride the Skyrail Rainforest Cableway

How would you like to explore Australia’s World Heritage listed Tropical Rainforest through the cableway? Just like looking at the rainforest from the bird’s eye view while the cable drives you in a perfect motion. This tour spans 7.5kms over the pristine rainforest, and anyone of all ages can indulge in this tour. Ticket starts at $42 per adult and $21 for a child.

Cairns Campervan Adventure

Give yourself an opportunity to discover Cairns with a vehicle of your choice and it is built with the facilities of a kitchen and an accommodation. Choose from 2 Berth to 6 Berth Campervans and drive all the attractions of Cairns in your own style. Choose, rent and drive a Motorhome now with your guide and Specialist in the tropical North – Cairns Campervan Hire.

Swim in the Cairns Lagoon

This amazing man made architecture is not your ordinary pool, it is your beach and pool in one that is safe and not tidal at all.

Adventure by definition is an unusual experience, something that you do not do every day and if you were to partake on an adventure make the most of it. Visit Cairns test your adrenalin and make the a splendid adventure of your choice.