Lower Tons River Expedition – Experience A Rafting Adventure This Summer

If you want to take a summer break and are looking for an adventure tour program in the lap of the mighty Himalayas, then you can consider rafting tours in Uttaranchal of North India. The Tons River flowing through Garhwal region in the western part of the state acts as a paradise for river rafters visiting Uttaranchal. Cascading from an elevation of 20,720 ft from Bandarpunch Mountain, which is the biggest tributary of the river Yamuna.

Rafting in the Tons River was first undertaken in the year 1980. Subsequently, it has become a must-do activity for the many adventure seekers visiting the region. The main place for rafting is located nearby Mori village, situated around 435 km away from Delhi in the Uttarakhand. Although rafting in Tons River can be experienced by novices, certain sections on this river might not allow them to undergo rafting adventure at ease. However, if you are an experienced rafter, then you can descent on the hardest area such as from Khunigad – Tiuni. You will come across challenging rapids while accomplishing your river journey.

To make your trip more adventurous, you can consider staying at camps alongside the Tons River. By staying here, you can plan for overnight trekking into the neighboring hills. After enjoying the beauty of this place, you can consider driving to Tiuni, situated around 30 km away. As you reach this small town, you can resume your rafting trip from the meeting point of Pabbar and Tons rivers till you reach the Icchari dam.

In order to experience comfortable river expedition in the Lower Tons River, you can consider contacting some of the tour operators in India. Not all areas in the river allow easy and safe rafting tours. Therefore, you can ask some reliable tour operators to provide you assistance during your entire tour program. There are some tour service providers who are known to provide rafting tour packages as well as food and lodging to the travelers. They offer adventure tour program including attractions like rafting, camping, trekking and lots more. You can consider contacting them before scheduling your river expedition in Uttaranchal.

Now, for easy searching of tour operators, you can think about using theInternet. There are a few reliable tour operators who operate websites to contact visitors residing in different parts of the country. You can consider browsing websites to collect contact information of credible tour service providers.

So, plan for Lower Tons River expedition and get your summer trip organized by the professional tour operators.