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Unwrapping Amazing Experiences and Memories: Why a Trip Makes the Ideal Gift

Many of us have experienced the difficulty of finding the perfect gift for a special friend or loved one. But what’s more, the endeavour seems to take on an even more challenging quality whenever the thoughtful exceptionality of the gift really matters. We often find ourselves going from shop to shop, looking at countless potential gifts – with not a single one striking that all important ‘personal touch’ chord.

Yet whether someone is hard to shop for or simply seems to ‘have everything,’ there is a gift option which always promises to impress. What better to give to someone special than the gift of a thrilling and unforgettable experience? By giving away a short vacation trip, the recipient will undoubtedly be getting just that. Imagine the joy on the face of a friend or loved one upon receiving a spectacular vacation for a present; and what’s not to be ecstatic about? Such a gift encompasses not only fun and relaxation, but memories that will last a lifetime. What’s more, a short vacation trip can make a fantastic gift for any member of the family while at the same time ensuring that everyone gets to spend some quality time together.

There are countless locations and types of vacations to choose from when it comes to planning a surprise getaway. Consider whether the person receiving the gift would enjoy partaking in adventurous activities such as a driving vacation along Route 66, or maybe skiing in Alaska, exciting cultural city tours, or perhaps a bit of quiet relaxation; then it is possible to start narrowing down the choices to activities such as travelling to a blissfully unspoilt beach, trekking through the Grand Canyon, visiting peaceful mountainous areas, or a grand city, among a number of other settings. Alternatively, you can always choose to make a gift of the trip, and then plan the details of the actual getaway together.

With some slight forward planning, finding accommodation across the country is not a difficult task, regardless of the standard of accommodation required, or the location that is ultimately decide upon. Additionally many of the larger national hotel franchises, such as Hilton, often offer special gift packages to include activities such as spa retreats, golf outings, or extreme sports for the adventurous. And if the trip is a gift for the entire family, there are sure to be family packages available which include activities geared towards providing fun for parents and kids alike.

Whether the trip is a long-haul excursion or simply a weekend mini-break, for a friend, loved one or the entire family, a short holiday is guaranteed to be a gift that is remembered for years to come, because while there are a number of great gift ideas out there, not many presents have the ability to create enduring memories like a vacation can.

10 Great Fishing Trip Locations In Australia

You cannot fish just anywhere. Well, you can try. However, if you want to experience fishing, where you get your line wet is important, and if you have fished enough, you realize that a good fishing spot takes a number of seasons to develop. Australia has a magnificent coastline that is home to more species of fish that you could ever imagine! This also means that it is home to the best fishing spots to try out that new bait and tackle. Here are some of the best locations in Australia to go on a fishing trip.

1. Adelaide. The King George Whiting and South Australian big snapper together with the salmon, blue crabs, snook and squid await your delicious bait for a half or full day fishing trip. Bring family and friends as vessels accommodate groups of up to 6 participants. Experienced skippers bring you to good waters and are experts in maneuvering vessels on unique waves. Vessels are equipped with a GPRS system, and fully customized with stable fishing platforms, fish finders and toilets, aside from passing all safety requirements of the SA Fisheries Charter Boat Act. Bait, tackle and outfits are provided for with braided fishing lines that provide outmost sensitivity to sense the smallest of bites.

2. Brisbane. Fisherman’s haven as choices between reef, game and night fishing make deciding difficult, you just simply have to try them all! Boats are made solely for fishing charters, and can get you to your fishing spots faster, allowing more fishing time. Find the best value in Moreton Bay or the Brisbane River for a fun action packed experience for you and your family or friends to enjoy.

3. Broome. Where fishing is progressive. Anyone can enjoy fishing, as a sport, a past time or just for the simple feat of trying it. Bait and tackle is of the best technology with specs such as carbon fiber rods and other top of the line equipment. Wander off 254 nautical miles away from Broome to meet up with that catch of the day!

4. Cairns. The Great Barrier Reef provides the best fishing spot you could ever find. Deep sea fishing at its best! For that resolute fisherman, sole charter adventures keep your fishing skills at its best! Hand lines or rods are available to your fancy. Choices of Coral Trout, Snapper and Red Emperor for you to catch will complete your fishing day.

5. Canberra. Go on a fishing trip vacation as Canberra gives you Lake Jindabyne to practice your trout fishing techniques while enjoying the scenic spot. Bring your family and friend as there is a lot of sightseeing up in the Snowy Mountains for those non angling individuals. Tackle is provided on board your vessel that is operated by the best fishing charters and guides in Canberra.

6. Hunter Valley. Fishing as an exercise. Walk through scenic gorges and forests by the summit of Barrington Tops to locate you perfect fishing spot 1400 meters above sea level. There is so much to do in this valley which makes it perfect for the whole family. Experience the great outdoors while on your fishing spree and find peace and tranquility while fishing amidst a spectacular nature backdrop of the region’s most beautiful wonders of nature.

7. Melbourne. You need not go very far to find that perfect spot for fishing, Port Phillip Bay which is a good 5 minutes from the CBD can provide you with that great water to get your line wet. Choose from a half day to a full 5 hour fishing trip. It is the perfect location to get up close and personal with marine wildlife as your fishing adventure is flanked with seals and dolphins. Fancy roughing it up? You can grill your fresh catch in one of the public picnic locations and have a great time with family and friends.

8. Gold Coast. It’s hard not to go on a fishing frenzy as you can opt for a weekend fishing trip or go all out on a more profound trip to fish in the Gold Coast. Get tips from the pros as expert fishing guides and anglers teach you how to enjoy and get the most out of sport fishing.

9. Newcastle. Fishing charters are tailored to match your fishing needs. Enjoy a 4 to 6 hour fishing extravaganza as you drop a line in one of the deepest and marine life abundant waters on a fully surveyed charter vessel. Bait and tackle are provided for on this adventure that caters to all fishing skill levels.

10. The Whitsundays. This region offers saltwater fishing as well as dams and other water locations that are heavily populated by Barramundi and other fish species. A prime location for the best catches in the region it is the best fishing location for you and the whole brood.

Certainly these are ten of Australia’s top fishing destinations, though with Australia’s spectacular geography, there are many, many more perfect locations for any kind of fishing trip adventure. Fishing is an activity that has enthusiasts all over the globe, and sometimes what makes one trip different form another is the location. Let Australia’s prime fishing locations make your trip one of a kind.